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BLUE MARLIN It feeds mainly on fish, in addition it captures octopuses and squids, the feeding happens during the day. It attacks the banks near the surface although also it feeds in the depths.

BLACK MARLIN It goes very well to the appointment of large live or dead armed baits.

STRIPED MARLIN Feeds on fish, squid and crustaceans.

MAHI MAHI a perfect example of artificial bait is the one of the superior image. this design does not exceed 15 cm in length and the shape of its head creates sparks and bubbles on the surface making it very easy to see. to this type of baits can be added a balao (ballyhoo) in the hook to increase the chances of an attack.

FISH SAIL We have talked a lot about live bait, but the Sailing Fish also teaches its ferocity when it falls back to a bait when trolling. At that moment he emerges from the depths with his speed and attacks like a swordsman with his beak. Quickly the fisherman must release pita and feed the Needle. This is essential to be able to hook this species.

The best bait to catch a tuna is still a subject of debate among anglers. The bait should be good for attracting the attention of the fish and also for keeping in turbid waves. Some bait options are readily available to attract and catch all types and sizes of tuna.

ROOSTER FISH The bait to be used with this species is sea worm, fresh anchovy, shrimp and shrimp.

SNOOK The first thing we should learn, is that bass fishing does not resemble any kind of fishing. The sea bass is a fish that almost always ambushes its prey, whether from a bridge, on the beaches, under boats or in the surroundings of sunken rocks and rocks. You can wait for the right moment, calmly and very carefully, until you get close enough to open your huge mouth and - literally - absorb your prey, so very rarely, fails in their attacks.

Its food is based on all types of open water dams. Various fishes including, sardines, anchovies, juvenile dorado, mackerel, bonito, crustaceans and squid.

CABRILLA Of strictly carnivorous regime, it chops decisively to any bait that fits to him in the jaws. Everything he likes: pieces of fish, worms, mollusks, everything. It is an extremely grateful fish that goes very well to the hook, and when we find a suitable place for its presence, we can have a good time.

JUREL or also known as "Galician" are a delight for every spinning fisherman. With this letter I want to show you how you can make the catches of this species with artificial, as well as the preferred fishing places for these fast predators ..., I need you to pay particular attention to what I am going to teach you, triple the capture of jacks.

SIERRA Its diet is based mainly on small fish such as anchovetas, sardines and mote and to a lesser extent also in crustaceans such as euphausiids and mysidaceos, squids and other small invertebrates.